beautiful minds

we are art forms in vessels of flesh
fashioned to adorn our minds with truth

Ink Stains   
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Why is that I love to read but when someone tells me I have to all of a sudden I don’t want to … . Nothin but the flesh smh #read #homework

How’s this for a new years goal #character

Suffer it’s good for you.

We have been deceived into thinking that a suffer-free life is one worth fighting for.

Picture a place with no bad days; would we truly know appreciation, I wonder if victory would taste as sweet. There is a rare joy in suffering knowing things will work out eventually, tell me a good story with no conflict no hardship. I easy life is no life at all, they ask “do I work hard” well if it isn’t “hard” can it be cauterized as work?

Christ is most glorious because of His suffering soul. He is the only one to know the full strength of temptation, He has never given in to it, He is well aware of the tug of war our hearts are in, tied in the middle of battling wills.

Would find Himself in the pages of the Living Word of Eternity if He had not accepted the suffering given from the Hands of an Almighty Loving God? What loving God would allow His people to suffer, I would imagine one who is accustomed to suffering Himself, One fully aware of the joy that trials bring. One who knows the strength of Joy and One who He has never left us nor will He ever. Don’t be fooled bad things don not happen to good people…that only happened one time. Bad things happen in a world infested with sin and our own depravity. I urge you to shift your perception and ask why would a good God sustain depraved people to find hope in the midst of our struggles? Why is such a good God still among such bad people?

Strength is submitting to that smile tugging at your lips when sweet memories stand the front line of this war of grief and pain. In a world without pain we would never know comfort, brotherhood and sympathy. We share in His suffering. We share in His reward.

Lift your head high we are soldiers we are more than conquers. If death had no hold on our King tell me why you think we should be permitted to allow suffering to have a grasp on us. Every good and perfect gift comes from the most High. Suffering is merely the wrapping to something greater His is trying to get to you. Thank Him and be reminded the joy of the Lord is your strength. 

I say to my father, Make me a lantern of your face to carry with me the whole year long. He laughs, a chortle of paternal pride. It would be too vain, he says, to spend more time than God reproducing one’s self.

"The Farming of Bones", Edwidge Danticat. (via youngthatiam)

She Speaks

There is a story of a girl > some say a woman she is still learning the difference. Every woman should hold on to the girl within her before the world rips her from her hands to show her the darkness. The world will teach her hands to quiver with fear. The girl in this story her hands have quivered her head has fallen but she is trying to hold her head high it is hard and sometimes it’s so close to impossible she fears quitting will no longer be a choice . .  . but her only option. She is hurting and she realizes it may never go away and she has come to be okay with that. 

She was in love once but she is beginning to see she was only safe. Safe and love are ironically intertwined. She had to walk away for reasons some will never understand. He had done nothing wrong but she had failed to say yes to God, so tell me how she could have said yes to him. She had no concept of love how to give it, how to receive it. She changed that day as his heart broke in her hands she felt her own shatter. She hid the pieces where only God could find them and she told Him if He found all the pieces than she wouldn’t hide anymore she’s be bare and exposed before Him willingly this time.

She is learning what melts her heart and what makes her blood boil. She is passive, saving her strength for the bigger matters ;) She is sometimes way too careless and a bit sporadic. There is a war of love within her that she is terrified to give it away.

Some worry that she holds it all in, clearly they have never heard her pray and they have never seen the pages of her journals. She only allows parts of her to be known she is private still protecting that girl inside of her the one tempted not to be herself anymore. Because people are cruel in this world„ trust her she knows. She stopped looking under beds for monsters when she found one beneath the beating of her heart and behind her smile.

She struggles with loneliness and details (the devils in the details and she has never paid enough attention) and being misunderstood. She laughs allot and has a passionate love-hate relationship with words. She believes people should listen like journal pages; silently not quick to give input always open allowing them to sit and to spill the answers are usually there waiting to be discovered.

She thinks Jesus is beautiful and should be seen in our lives before our words confirm what our bodies are saying.

These are her confessions

They aren’t tragic and they won’t make for good gossip but they are hers and they are real … 


Sightings of stars in a night sky

I caught a glimpse of a star the other day though it didn’t restore my faith in humanity it refreshed my hope in revival. I saw her, a young girls jump out of her seat as a rounded belly entered the train, the look of relief on the pregnant woman’s face at the kindness of this young lady allowed my chest to release the trapped air in my lungs.

 I saw him hold the train door as she ran to make her train I smiled and walked away …..another sighting of a star in the night sky. Maybe joy comes in the morning but I sometimes find happiness in the midst of the night.

Can I Brag On My Lord?: Rap & Religion 


For as long as I can remember, hip hop has had an obsession with God and religion. I don’t mean to suggest that all rappers are religious devotees. But few rappers – or any artists for that matter – can shake the urge to include God somewhere in their art. It’s natural and good for us to speak…

Broken Man

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